Student Responsibilities

Check Program Details Carefully

You will need to familiarize yourself with the program requirements and limitations as detailed in each Faculty section of the 2015-2016 University Calendar. You must ensure that your program is properly planned and in accordance with degree specifications.

You are responsible for the completeness and accuracy of your registration, and for adjustments in registration arising from changes in academic status. Questions should be directed to your Faculty or Department.

Know University Regulations

If you are re-registering in a course you must adhere to regulations in 2015-16 University Calendar.

Meet Stated Prerequisites or Corequisites

Some courses list a prerequisite or a corequisite as a condition of registration. A prerequisite is a condition that must be met before a course can be taken. Prerequisites are noted in the course description. A corequisite is a course that must be taken in conjunction with the one for which a student is registering.

Course registrations can be cancelled when students fail to meet the prerequisite or register in the corequisite course.

A prerequisite or a corequisite may be waived with the written approval of the Department offering the course. On the other hand, degree credit may be withheld for courses with these requirements if they have not been met or have not been waived in writing. Questions regarding prerequisites or corequisites should be directed to the appropriate Department.

Complete All Presession Studies

Some courses require that you complete specified presession studies. These are identified in the Class Schedule. Where presession study is required, examinations on the prescribed material may be held during the first week of classes. If preparation proves to be inadequate, a student may be asked to withdraw from the course.

Code of Student Behaviour

It is your responsibility to be familiar with, and adhere to, the terms of the University of Alberta's Code of Student Behaviour. It includes academic and non-academic offences, and prescribes appropriate penalties. While the main points in the Code are generally brought to the attention of students by their instructor at the first class of a course, you should read the Code yourself. Amendments to the Code are made throughout the year. View the most current version of the Code on the University Governance website.

Verify Your University Record

It is up to you to ensure the accuracy and completeness of your official university record. This is done by verifying your unofficial transcript on Bear Tracks. The transcript is a student's entire official academic record at the University of Alberta. The transcript is the only record retained permanently by the Office of the Registrar. Source documents in student files are destroyed seven years after the last registration.

Queries regarding errors or omissions on transcripts must be made as soon as possible, and will not be considered after the source documents have been destroyed.

Keep Your Name and Address Current

The University will communicate with you by mail or email. It is important that you ensure that your mailing address is current. Addresses can be updated online using Bear Tracks.

For name changes, you can download a Name Change Form from the Forms Cabinet. The form must be submitted with the appropriate documentation.