Undergraduate Academic Scholarships

  • Value: up to $2,500
  • Application open: March 1, 2017
  • Closing Deadline: May 18, 2017
  • Approximately 300 scholarships available

The Undergraduate Academic Scholarship Competition recognizes and rewards students for superior academic achievement during their previous academic year at the University of Alberta.

Academic standing is the primary selection criterion for awards in this competition. Secondary criteria that may be considered include financial need and extracurricular activities.

By completing this application, you will apply for over 300 awards. View a complete list of available Undergraduate Academic Scholarships.


  • Applicants must have superior academic achievement on a full normal course load taken during the Fall 2016/Winter 2017 Terms at the University of Alberta. See courseload requirements and award definitions. 
  • Candidates must be continuing an undergraduate or professional program at the University of Alberta in September 2017.
  • IB and transfer credits are not applicable.
  • Students entering Pharmacy, Medicine & Dentistry or Law are eligible and will be assessed on the basis of their admission average to their respective program.
  • Students entering an After-Degree program will be assessed based on their admission average, regardless of previous institution attended or time off between degree programs.
1 The objective of the Undergraduate Academic Scholarship Competition is to ensure that students of equal academic achievement receive approximately the same minimum level of scholarship funding, regardless of faculty or area of study. To assist in facilitating equitable funding distribution, University of Alberta and provincially administered awards are taken into consideration to determine a GPA based funding level. Funding levels vary annually depending on the applicant pool.
2 Students registered with Student Accessibility Services will be assessed based on the individual's approved course load requirement.

How to apply

The application is available through the online form


The Office of the Registrar will notify all applicants of the competition results in mid to late August, depending on student program.

To receive the full value of any scholarship in this competition, students must be enrolled full time in both fall and winter terms.

To find out more about accepting and declining your award, financial information, and thanking your donor, please visit Information for Award Recipients