Registration and Courses

Use Bear Tracks to register in courses and manage your enrolment.

Need help with Bear Tracks? See Bear Tracks Resources or contact Student Connect. For academic advising specific to your program, please contact your faculty.

How to register in courses
Tips and step-by-step instructions for how to search/browse, add, drop, and swap courses in Bear Tracks.

How to change programs
If you are a current student changing programs, read this page before you begin registering in courses.

How to withdraw
Information for how to withdraw from one or more of your courses, and what that means for your academic record.

How to clear a financial hold
If you have a financial hold on your record, you will not be able to register in courses until it’s cleared.

Registration dates and deadlines
This page provides quick overview of academic dates and deadlines from the University Calendar.

Faculty-specific information
Find resources for admissions in each faculty and contact information for faculty advising offices.