A transcript is an official copy of your academic record. It lists all courses successfully and unsuccessfully completed, all courses that were withdrawn, as well as every year that you have attended, including both undergraduate and graduate studies, as applicable. Requesting separate transcripts of your undergraduate and graduate careers is not possible.

Official Transcript
Request an Official Transcript if you need to provide evidence of your University of Alberta academic record to another educational institution, for employment, or to apply for scholarships or bursaries. 

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Unofficial Transcript
You can access your Unofficial Transcript in Bear Tracks. An Unofficial Transcript cannot be used in place of an Official Transcript, but can be used for some types of employment applications, and can also be helpful in planning your registration. Unofficial transcripts are available to current and former students who were in attendance in Fall 2002 or later and have retained Bear Tracks access.

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For more information about transcripts, refer to the University Calendar.

Official Statements
Official statements of final grades in courses are also available to students electronically on Bear Tracks. To view your final grades for a current term before your Statement of Results are available, use Bear Tracks. See Grade Results and Statements for more information. Alternatively, if you need a certificate of registration, you should refer to Verification Documents.