T2202A Tax Forms and U-Pass Transit Tax Receipt

Detailed information about tuition and months of attendance with regard to taxes can be found on the Canada Revenue Agency website, including the P105 Students and Income Tax publication.

T2202A Tax Forms

You can access your Tuition, Education and Textbook Amounts Certificate (T2202A) in Bear Tracks. You do not need to submit a T2202A certificate when filing your income tax. However, you can print a copy from Bear Tracks if needed for your records or to transfer credits to a third party. T2202A certificates are typically available in mid-February of each year. The form has been approved by the Canada Revenue Agency and the approval number is displayed on the form.

An email notification will be sent to your UAlberta email account once the form has been made available for the current tax year. You can also access T2202A certificates for previous tax years through Bear Tracks. To access T2202A certificates in Bear Tracks, select “T2202A Tax Form” under the “Financials” on the menu on the left and select the desired tax year. Please note, computers require Adobe Reader to open and print T2202A certificates. 

If you require a T2202A certificate from a previous taxation year not available on Bear Tracks, or are unable to access Bear Tracks, please submit a Request for Duplicate T2202A form. Submit the request form to Student Connect by mail, fax, or in person. Processing time will vary depending how the request is made.

Please note:

  • Former students will only be able to access their T2202A through Bear Tracks if they have continually maintained their access to Bear Tracks. 
  • Students who attended Augustana Faculty (formerly Augustana University College) prior to 2006 must obtain their T2202A directly from the Augustana office. You can contact Augustana at 780-679-1186.

U-Pass Transit Tax Receipt

Your official U-Pass Tax Receipt is available in Bear Tracks by navigating to the 'U-Pass Tax Receipt' page under the 'Student Financials' menu. Use this receipt to claim your Tax Credit for Public Transit Passes. If you have questions about your U-Pass Tax Receipt, please contact Financial Services.

Third Party Access to Tax Forms

In compliance with Alberta's Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIPP), forms will be issued to third parties (including parents and accountants) only with prior written authorization of the student.