Program Changes

Change of Faculty and/or Degree

Every Faculty has its own entrance requirements. If you are planning to transfer to a different Faculty or to a different program within your present Faculty, you are advised to consult the University Calendar and/or contact a counsellor in the Faculty/Department in which you are interested. This is to ensure that you meet the entrance requirements (prerequisite courses, GPA, etc.) before you apply.

In order to change Faculties or programs within your Faculty, you will have to submit an Application for Readmission or Internal Transfer along with the appropriate non-refundable application fee to the Office of the Registrar. Be sure to take note of the application and reapplication deadlines.

Once your transfer to a different Faculty or program has been approved, you will need to use Bear Tracks to change your program.

Change of Major/Minor

If you have yet to declare a major or minor within your degree program or you wish to change your current major or minor, you must visit your Faculty office to fill out a Major/Minor Declaration Form. Your declared major and/or minor is/are reported in Bear Tracks (for example: see the 'View My Class Timetable' page in the 'Academics' menu).

Refer to the Faculty section of the University Calendar for information on majors and minors.

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