Name Changes

Legal Name or Primary Name

Your University of Alberta record must contain your full legal name. This is the name that appears on legal documents such as your birth certificate or passport. Your legal name is also referred to as your primary name. Official documentation issued by the Office of the Registrar will contain your legal name. Examples of these include Offer of Admission letters, Statement of Results, Official Transcripts, T2202A for tax purposes, and degree parchments.

Changing Your Legal Name

To change your legal name on your university record, you must complete a Name Change (PDF) form and provide acceptable supporting documentation. No legal name changes will be completed without the supporting documentation noted on the Name Change form. If you are changing your name in person, ensure you take your form to the appropriate office as noted on the form.

NOTE: If you have a degree parchment and you wish to have it reprinted in your new name, you must request this separately. Instructions on how to do so can be found in the Degree Reprints section.

Preferred Names

You may wish to provide the University with a preferred first or middle name. By entering your preferred name on Bear Tracks, you acknowledge and agree that the University, in the course of any communications and activities related to the use of your name, as determined by the University in its sole discretion, may use either your preferred first name or your legal first name. You acknowledge and agree that your preferred first name shall comply with all University policies and procedures and that the University may disallow, for any reason whatsoever, your choice of preferred name. Finally, you expressly acknowledge and agree that the University has no obligation, duty or liability to you, in any way whatsoever, respecting the use of either your preferred name or legal name in the course of any communications and activities.  

Changing Your Preferred Name

Current users of Bear Tracks can update their preferred first and middle name by selecting the 'Names'  tab under the 'Personal Information' menu. Upon saving their changes, Bear Tracks users will see the changes immediately.