Classroom Bookings

Examinations and Timetabling (ETT) in the Office of the Registrar is responsible for scheduling and booking centrally scheduled classrooms and computer labs, which includes room assignments for classes and exams, as well as casual/adhoc event bookings. Non-centrally scheduled classrooms are managed by the authorized faculty, department, or unit. 

Classes and Examinations

The assignment of centrally scheduled classrooms for regularly scheduled classes, as well as final exams, is done as part of the class schedule and final exam schedule processing. ETT works with teaching departments to ensure classes and exams requesting a centrally scheduled classrooms are assigned an appropriate classroom space.

Casual/Adhoc Event Bookings

Casual event bookings are for events that occur outside of the room assignment that takes place as part of the official class schedule and final exam schedules.

Casual event booking can be classified into two types of categories:

  1. Internal Bookings: events organized by faculties, departments, university units, and registered student groups for activities directly related to the business of the unit/group.
  2. External Bookings: events organized by off-campus groups, university groups booking for a third party, or a university group booking a conference involving off-campus associations. External bookings must be made through Conference Services


ETT adheres to the following UAPPOL policies for the assignment of centrally scheduled classrooms. UAPPOL is the central repository for University of Alberta policies and procedures:

View Classroom Booking Procedures

View Computer Lab Booking Procedure

Additional Booking Resources