Summer 2017 Dates and Deadlines

Not all courses have the same dates and deadlines listed below. Please review the Non-Standard Summer Deadlines carefully.

Summer Term: July 10 to August 16 For classes that run:
6 weeks 1st 3 weeks 2nd 3 weeks
Registration begins February 14 February 14 February 14
Last day for new and former students to apply for admission, readmission or internal transfer (except Open Studies and Graduate Studies students). Check Faculty Admission and Document Deadlines in the University Calendar. March 1 March 1 March 1
Deadline for receipt of documents from new and former students applying for admission/readmission (except for Open Studies students) March 31 March 31 March 31
Last day to apply for Open Studies June 30 June 30 June 30
Enrolment review (class enrolment will be reviewed and decisions made to continue or cancel them) June 22 June 22 June 22
Classes begin (see Note 1) July 10 July 10 July 31
Registration: Last day to add or drop courses (see Notes 1 and 2) July 13
July 13
July 13 (add)
Aug 3 (delete)
Audit registration accepted July 10-13 July 10-13 July 10-13
Fee payment: Last day for paying fees without penalty July 13 July 13 July 13
Fee refund: 50% refund deadline after which students withdrawing will be assessed full fees (see Note 3) July 24 July 17 Aug 8
Withdrawal (see Note 4) Aug 9 July 25 Aug 11
Classes end (see Note 1) Aug 16 July 28 Aug 16
Examinations Aug 17-18 July 28 Aug 17-18

Deadlines for 13-week Spring/Summer classes running May 8 – August 4

  • Last day to add/drop courses: May 11
  • 50% refund deadline: May 26
  • Last day to withdraw: July 13


  1. Not all classes have the same dates and deadlines. The add/drop 50% refund and withdrawal deadlines for classes with 'Non-standard start/end dates' can be found can be found by clicking on the link provided for non-standard deadlines at the top of this page. Review these dates prior to the commencement of registration on February 12, 2016.
  2. Last day to add or drop courses. Course drops by this date are deleted from the student record and no fees are assessed. After this date, students must complete a Withdrawal form at their Faculty office to withdraw. Course withdrawals completed after the add/drop deadline will be assessed fees.

    Students wishing to register in 2nd 3 weeks classes or non-standard start/end date classes (see Note 1) cannot add or drop these classes using Bear Tracks. Contact the Teaching Department for assistance.

    For evening courses that do not have a class meeting prior to the add/drop deadline, students may drop or replace that class only through the Teaching Department on the day following the first scheduled class meeting.
  3. Students withdrawing from a course by this date will be assessed 50% of the fees, and receive a grade of "W" (withdrew) on student records. Students withdrawing from a course after this date are assessed full fees.
  4. Last day to withdraw from a course and receive a grade of "W" (withdrew). After this date, students will be assigned a final grade based on course work completed.

Instalment Charges

You will be charged a $40 instalment fee if you attended both Spring and Summer Terms but choose to pay your Summer Term fees in July, rather than May.

Check the Spring Term Deadlines for details on how to avoid this charge.