Student Classification

Spring and Summer studies are open to continuing students and lifelong learners who wish to enhance their professional skills or take a course for personal enrichment. 

Find out more about the various student definitions, classifications and statuses below.


Continuing Students

Continuing students are University of Alberta undergraduate or graduate students who have had a course registration in the previous Fall, Winter, Spring or Summer terms and wish to continue studies in the same degree or diploma program or Open Studies. Continuing students can register on the Bear Tracks registration system. No other admission or permission process is needed, unless an exception is noted in the Course Listings.

Former Students and Students Changing Programs

Former students are undergraduate or graduate students whose studies in a degree or diploma program, or Open Studies at the University of Alberta have been interrupted for more than 12 consecutive months.

Students changing programs are people who want to change from one University of Alberta program to another in the same faculty, or to a different faculty within the University.

To resume studies or to change programs, students must complete an Application for Readmission or Internal Transfer. You can apply online or download a printable PDF application form.

New Students

New students have never attended the University of Alberta or Augustana University College (AUC) in a degree or diploma program or Open Studies.

Note: Not all programs accept new students in Spring/Summer terms.

New students wishing to apply to Spring/Summer 2016 must submit an Application for Admission, Readmission or Internal Transfer if they wish to be considered for these Faculties and Schools:

  • Selected degree programs: Arts (BA only), Education (Diploma only) Native Studies, Campus Saint-Jean (BA, BSc only), Science (General only)
  • Open Studies
  • Special and Visiting students: Agricultural, Life and Environmental Sciences; Arts; Augustana; Business (Special Accounting only - contact Faculty before applying); Education; Engineering; Native Studies; Nursing (Visiting students contact Faculty before applying); Physical Education and Recreation; Campus Saint-Jean; Science

Be sure to check the admission information for these programs. You can apply online or download a printable application in PDF format. The form is also available from Student Connect on the main floor in the Administration Building. You can check the status of your application on Bear Tracks.

Note: All new students must meet the University's English Language Proficiency requirements. English is the primary language of instruction in all of the University's faculties, except Campus Saint-Jean, where French is the primary language. 

Consequently, all applicants other than those in Campus Saint-Jean, must be able to demonstrate that they possess an adequate knowledge of written and spoken English. This applies to all applicants; there are no exceptions. The regulations governing language proficiency for Spring/Summer 2016 are published in the 2015-2016 University Calendar.

Classification of Undergraduate Students

Degree or Diploma Students

Degree or Diploma students are students working towards a degree or diploma.

Audit-Only Students (Auditors)

Auditors are students registered in one or more courses exclusively on a not-for-credit basis under certain conditions (see 2015-2016 University Calendar). Registration is dependent on the availability of space and the permission of the course instructor.

Auditors may not register until the first day of classes. If space permits, audit registrations may be accepted at that time. Students should contact the Office of the Registrar for more information on auditing, or for advice on procedures to register in a combination of credit and audit courses.

Auditors do not have access to the web registration system. To register as an Audit-Only student (i.e., not registered for credit in any courses), applicants must complete a Course Audit form, available from the Forms Cabinet or from Student Connect on the main floor of the Administration Building.

Visiting Students

Visiting students are bona fide students of other universities or colleges who have been permitted to take one or more courses for transfer of credit to their own institutions which have agreed in advance to such an arrangement. A "Letter of Permission" from their institution must be provided for the student to be admitted to the University of Alberta.

Special Students

Special Students are permitted to register in one or more courses which are not being taken for credit towards a degree or diploma at this or any other institution. Most Special Students have a degree and/or wish to take courses for professional development.

Open Studies Students

Open Studies provides access for individuals to register as part-time students in selected University credit courses without following a degree or diploma program.

Registration Status

Full-time Students

Students who are registered for credit in the equivalent of 9 units of course weight or more in a Fall/Winter term. In Spring/Summer terms, a student is considered full-time if one of these conditions applies: a class of 3 weeks duration with 3 or more units of course weight; or a class of 6 weeks duration with 6 or more units of course weight; or a class of 6 weeks duration with 3 units of course weight and attendance of 10 hours per week.

Part-time Students

Students who are registered for credit in the equivalent of fewer than 9 units of course weight in the Fall/Winter terms. If one of the above noted conditions for full-time registration in Spring or Summer terms does not apply, the student is considered to be part-time during these terms.