Contemporary Comics in Berlin

Faculty of Education, Department of Secondary Education


August 3 – 24, 2017


Berlin, Germany

Course Description

Contemporary Comics in Berlin

EDSE 401 LBL 850

As reading comics is a pleasure that pulls at the edges of space, time, memory, history, identity, and culture, this course will investigate the scene of contemporary comics and graphic novels in the thriving artistic and literary communities of Berlin. We will look at comics set in Berlin, produced in Berlin, and that use the city of Berlin as poetic and aberrant muse.

This course will incorporate a number of field trips to sites associated with the contemporary comics community in Berlin, including comic book stores, a Comicbibliothek (comics library), Berlin-based publishing houses, a number of galleries that regularly feature comics artists, as well as various locations represented in works of comics art. We will read a number of comics and graphic novels for this course, and delve into theories exploring the interrelation of reader and text. Some of the themes that we will be exploring are: the language of graphic narrative; autobiography and self-representation; philosophy, art history and German comics; web-based comics; Berlin comics artists and expat artistic communities; and representations of the Berlin cityscape and the lives of Berliners in comics.

This course is open to students in all disciplines with an interest in further understanding the ways in which comics can be used to narrate our lives and the cities we inhabit.

This course is offered as part of the e3 in Berlin Summer Program.


Dr. David Lewkowich

Accommodation and Travel

Students can choose to arrange their own accommodation or to opt-in to centrally organized housing through the e3 program.

Anticipated Costs

A program fee of $1,020 and application fee of $250. Additional costs including airfare, accommodation, and food are estimated to be $2,525.


Application deadline is Feb. 1, 2017

Contact Information

Ashley Laracy
E3 and Summer Programs Coordinator
Education Abroad Program, University of Alberta International
142 Telus Centre
T: 780-492-1578

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