Modern Research Techniques

Department of Biochemistry


May 8 - June 14, 2017


University of Alberta North Campus

Course Description

Biochemistry Laboratory

Prerequisites: BIOCH 320 and 330, or BIOCH 203 and 205, all with minimum grades of B- and consent of the department.

Biochemistry 401, a full-year senior undergraduate biochemistry laboratory course, introduces students to a variety of modern research techniques.

The experiments have been carefully selected to give students a hands-on experience with a wide range of research tools, many of which are used daily in the research labs here at the University of Alberta. The course has been designed to include a coherent, logically related series of experiments which are written and presented in a consistent format.

This is a laboratory course in modern biochemical techniques, designed for biochemistry honors and specialization students in their third or fourth year. Other interested students may enrol subject to space limitations.


Dr. A Wright
Dr. R Milner
Dr. J Parrish

Anticipated Costs

Standard University of Alberta tuition and fees apply. Additional costs for a laboratory manual and notebook are estimated to be $125.

Contact Information

Dr. Adrienne Wright
Department of Biochemistry
5-81A Medical Sciences Building
P: 780-492-8065
F: 780-492-0886

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