Managing Government and International Institutions

Faculty of Arts, Department of Political Science


May 15 – 31, 2017


Washington DC, USA

Course Description

Managing Government and International Institutions 
POL S 328 LEC 800

Prerequisites: consent of instructor or program coordinator

This course looks at managing government and international institutions through the lens of various organizational forms and managerial approaches. We will examine the formal/informal rules and the evolving organization of government and international institutions. Further, we will explore the intricacies of government and institutional partnerships, with particular attention to private enterprise and civil society relationships. Finally, the course will critically analyze the role of micro-level actors embedded in government and international institutions such as the professional, ethnic minorities, and women. The course will use salient actors and principals located in Washington D.C. to bring the practice of government and international institutions to life.

This course is offered as part of the e3 DC Summer Program.


Dr. Reza Hasmath

Accommodation and Travel

Students can choose to arrange their own accommodation or to opt-in to centrally organized housing through the e3 program.

Anticipated Costs

A program fee of $1,600 and application fee of $250. Additional costs including airfare, accommodation and food are estimated to be $2,700.


Application deadline: Feb. 1, 2017 

Contact Information

Ashley Laracy
E3 and Summer Programs Coordinator
Education Abroad Program, University of Alberta International
142 Telus Centre
P: 780-492-1578

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