Field School for Ethnographic Sensibility

Anthropological Field Training in Serbia
Department of Anthropology


May 29 - July 7, 2017


Belgrade, Serbia

Course Description

Anthropological/Advanced Field Training
ANTHR 397 LEC 800 / ANTHR 573 LEC 800

Prerequisite: ANTHR 207 or equivalent introductory course in social-cultural anthropology; alternative prerequisites will be considered at the discretion of the instructors.

In its second year, the Field School for Ethnographic Sensibility is aimed at anthropologists and other social scientists who want to develop their ethnographic sensibility with the particular focus on non-verbal, embodied patterns of everyday life, artists who want to explore the convergences between ethnographic and artistic training, and designers, architects, urban-planners, and others interested in engaging with their practice in a culturally sensitive way. Accommodation in hostel and local families. One field trip outside Belgrade and one optional trip to Montenegro after the course. No knowledge of Serbian required. Both undergraduate and graduate course numbers available.

The specificity of this program is that students hone their ethnographic sensibility through sensorium training methods developed in visual arts, performance, music, and theatre. They learn to break their perceptual habits and develop acute receptivity to the nuances of the ways people move and interact, use things and spaces, organize their time, mix smells and tastes, sit in a bus, or hail a taxi. Students are trained to become sensitive instruments for registering surprises and noting patterns in order to ultimately transpose them into ethnographic writing, film, photography, sound, or performance.


Marko Zivkovic, PhD
Dale Pesmen, PhD

Accommodation and Travel

Students are responsible for making travel arrangements to Belgrade, Serbia. Accommodations will be in a hostel for the first week, and then with host families in Belgrade. Classes and the final exhibition/performance will be held at the European Center for Culture and Debate “Grad.”

Anticipated Costs

Standard University of Alberta tuition and fees apply. The student is responsible for travel costs to and from Belgrade, Serbia. Additional costs including meals, accommodation, ground transportation, and excursions will be covered by the Mandatory Student Instructional Support Fee of  $2,500. Up to 18 eligible students will receive the group travel abroad grant of $1,250 each.


Feb. 1, 2017

Contact Information

Dr. Marko Zivkovic
Course Director
Department of Anthropology
13-28 Tory Building
P: 780-492-5352

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