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Archaeological Field Training in Alberta

Faculty of Arts, Department of Anthropology, Institute of Prairie Archaeology


May 23 - June 23, 2017


Rangeland Research Institute, Kinsella and Brooks area, Alberta
*Note some campus and lab time is also required

Course Description

Archaeological Field Training
ANTHR 396 LEC 800 / LAB 801

Prerequisite: ANTHR 206

A majority of the course will take place on the Mattheis and Kinsella Ranches owned by the University of Alberta and managed by the Rangeland Research Institute, but the course will begin with field survey in the Brazeau Reservoir area, where artifacts as old as 12,800 years of age are being recovered. Student activities will involve surface survey, mapping, and subsurface testing in native prairie settings, conduct of archaeological impact assessments for mock pipeline and well pad exercises, and excavation of stratified deposits with a focus on the Avonlea to Old Women's Phase transition. There will also be opportunities to learn from and work with Treaty 6 and Treaty 7 ceremonialists, visit significant nearby sites such as the Viking Ribstones and Sundial Medicine Wheel, and to interact with members of the general public through "Stones & Bones" collection events.
Instruction in all practical aspects of archaeological field techniques, including excavation, survey, recording, photography, and conservation. This course can be applied to the Canadian content requirement because it is held at Canadian sites.


Professor John Ives
Associate Professor Kisha Supernant

Accommodation and Travel

Accommodation will involve Rangeland Research Institute bunkhouses, or camping. Transportation will be provided.

Anticipated Costs

Contact the instructor for further details on costs, comprised of tuition for 6 credit hours, plus an instructional fee of $1,300.


Field School students must complete an application form to be submitted by Feb. 1, 2017, with Bear Tracks registration by April 15, 2017.

Contact Information

John W. (Jack) Ives
Executive Director, Institute of Prairie Archaeology
Landrex Distinguished Professor
Faculty of Arts, Department of Anthropology
HUB Mall 8915
T: 780-248-2082
F: 780-492-5273

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