Academic Excellence Scholarship Competition 2014 Intake

Note: Academic Excellence Scholarships for students applying for admission for September 2015 may change. Please check back in September 2014 for more information.

  • Value: over $6 million offered in scholarships ranging from $1,000 to $6,000
  • Consideration for Academic Excellence Scholarships is based on your final admission average.
  • Your final admission average is based on the 5 subjects used for admission to the program to which you applied. You can find out which 5 subjects are used by visiting our Programs and Requirements page.
  • Averages used to calculate the Academic Excellence Scholarship offers are based on the highest mark obtained regardless of the curriculum used to grant your final admission to the University of Alberta (i.e. either High School Diploma, International Baccalaureate, etc).
  • If you retake a course and your final admission average changes, you will need to arrange for a revised transcript to be sent to Student Connect in the Office of the Registrar from your province's Ministry of Education by the add/drop deadline.

Automatic Consideration

Once you receive final admission to the University of Alberta, you will automatically be considered for an Academic Excellence Scholarship. No application is required.


To be eligible for Academic Excellence Scholarships, you must have a final admission average of 85% or higher and be entering the first year of an undergraduate degree program at the University of Alberta in September of the 2014-2015 academic year:

  • Directly from high school with fewer than 24 IB, AP or A-level credits, or
  • Directly from high school with fewer than 12 credits of university course work taken during high school through Open Studies or a similar program at another accredited post-secondary institution, or
  • Following time taken off between high school and university, provided that no post-secondary credit was received during that time; AND
  • have achieved a final admission average of 85% or higher in your program of study; AND
  • be registered in full-time studies


If you meet the criteria, the Student Awards Office will post your award in Bear Tracks in August.

If you have any questions please contact us.