Academic Excellence Scholarship Competition

  • Value: $1,000 to $7,000
  • Automatic Consideration: Consideration for Academic Excellence Scholarships is based on your admission average at the time of admission offer. No application is required.


To be eligible for Academic Excellence Scholarships, you must:

  • Have an admission average of 90% or higher
  • Be entering the first year of full-time studies in an undergraduate degree program at the University of Alberta in September of the 2015-2016 academic year
  • Be entering university in one of the following ways: 
    • Directly from high school with fewer than 24 IB, AP or A-level credits
    • Directly from high school with fewer than 12 credits of university course work taken during high school through Open Studies or a similar program at another accredited post-secondary institution
    • Following time taken off between high school and university, provided that no post-secondary credit was received during that time

The following table lists the scholarship values available based on the faculty to which you are admitted and your admission average at the time of admission offer.

Faculty Admission Average
90 - 94.9% 95 - 100%
Agricultural, Life and Environmental Sciences $1,000.00
Arts $1,000.00
Augustana $2,000.00
Campus Saint-Jean to be announced
to be announced
Education $1,000.00
Engineering $3,000.00
Native Studies $2,000.00
Nursing $2,000.00
Physical Education and Recreation $2,000.00
Science $2,000.00**

*Engineering students with an admission average above 95% who also apply for the Scholastic Distinction Competition will receive $9,500.

** Awards to Science students with admission averages from 93 - 94.9% will be guaranteed funding. Awards for admission ranges of 90 - 92.9% will be offered as funding is available.


If you meet the criteria, Student Financial Support will send an email notification to your UAlberta email address. If you have any questions please contact us.

Award Funding

Academic Excellence awards are provided by and made possible by the University of Alberta, individual faculties, and other various donors. See the complete list of Academic Excellence Scholarships.

Each individual award may vary in composition to make up the total amount awarded. For example, an award total of $5,000 could be funded $1,500 by the University of Alberta, $2,000 by the faculty you attend, and $1,500 by an individual donor. The breakdown of the funding for your specific award will be posted in Bear Tracks.