Award Definitions

Award Recognition of satisfactory academic standing. Additional selection criteria may also be considered. Awards do not appear on transcripts.

Award may also be used to describe the presentation of an item of monetary and/or other value to a person or persons (e.g. scholarship/prize/award).
Bursary An award of any monetary value given to a student on the basis of demonstrated financial need and satisfactory academic standing in a Faculty. Additional selection criteria may also be used. Bursaries do not appear on transcripts.
Continuing Student A student entering into the second, third, fourth, or fifth* year of an undergraduate degree program at the University of Alberta after completing the first year full-normal courseload at the University of Alberta.

*Some programs have requirements that exceed the regular four-year programs (such as programs with co-op terms)
Entrance Student Student entering the University of Alberta in a degree granting program, directly from high school.
Admission Average (for Awards Purposes) Award selection and offers are based on your admission average at the time of admission offer. Admission averages will not be recalculated after admission decision for award purposes.
Full Normal Course Load for Awards The number of units of course weight, prescribed by the Faculty, for the student to take during each academic year (September–August) to be considered for awards and scholarships. Please see a breakdown of required units of course weight by faculty for more information.
Full Time Students who are registered for credit in the equivalent of ★9 or more in a Fall/Winter term.
International Student A student studying at the University of Alberta in an undergraduate degree program on a Study Permit. Students with Permanent Residence status are not considered International Students.
Major Award Equivalent to the full course load tuition, and any related differential fees charged to a student within a given academic year. The minimum value of a major award is determined by the Undergraduate Awards and Scholarship Committee. In order that funds may be broadly distributed, an undergraduate student may hold only one University of Alberta major award per category (e.g leadership, academics, athletics, fine arts) in any academic year. The total value of other awards received by students through any other competition(s) may also be taken into consideration in open award competitions.
Medal Awarded in recognition of overall superior academic achievement in a Faculty, Department or some other subdivision of a Faculty, provided that the student maintains at least a satisfactory academic standing in his/her Faculty. Additional selection criteria is not normally considered. Medals appear on transcripts.
Prize Recognition of superior academic achievement in a course or set of courses. Additional selection criteria may also be considered. Prizes will appear on transcripts.
Satisfactory Academic Standing Means satisfactory as defined by the Faculty in question. If no definition has been made by the Faculty, Satisfactory Academic Standing means being eligible to continue in or graduate from the program in which the student is registered exclusive of those students allowed to continue on probationary status.
Scholarship Recognition of superior academic achievement. Additional selection criteria may also be considered. Scholarships will appear on transcripts.
Superior Academic Achievement Indicates a Grade Point Average of 3.5 or higher on the four-point scale or standing in the upper 10% of the class. For students entering the U of A from high school, Superior Academic Achievement indicates an award average of 80% or higher.   
Transfer Student A student entering any undergraduate degree year at the University of Alberta with transfer credits from another institution.