Tuition Deposit: New for Fall 2014

Information for Prospective / Newly Admitted Undergraduate Students

Effective for the Fall 2014 term, new/incoming undergraduate students who have been offered admission must pay a non-refundable $500 Tuition Deposit before they can become eligible to register in courses.

Newly admitted students are encouraged to pay their Tuition Deposit as soon as possible after being admitted so that they can register in courses. For newly admitted students, course registration will open in late March or early April.

There is no deadline to pay the Tuition Deposit. However, the sooner students pay, the sooner they will be able to register for classes. Students should avoid disappointment by paying their deposit and registering in courses when their enrollment date occurs. You may not get into your first-choice classes or sections by delaying registration.

Information for Continuing Undergraduate Students

Also effective for the Fall 2014 term, continuing undergraduate students will no longer be required to pay the $175 Confirmation Deposit, nor will they be required to pay the new $500 Tuition Deposit. 

Continuing students will still be responsible for dropping any courses by the add/drop deadline that they do not intend to take - students will not be dropped automatically for failure to pay a deposit. 

Payment Options

Newly admitted students can pay their Tuition Deposit on Bear Tracks, or via any method listed on the Financial Services website. This deposit will be credited towards the final tuition amount.

Payment Information

  • Newly admitted students pay the Tuition Deposit for the term they are admitted.
  • The $500 payment will be credited towards their final tuition amount. The Tuition Deposit payment will be displayed as a credit on their account. Once fees have been assessed for the terms that they have registered in, the credit will then be applied towards those terms. Fees are assessed mid-July for Fall/Winter terms and mid-February for Spring/Summer terms.
  • Students can pay as early as their admission has been offered.


  • Graduate students are not required to pay a Tuition Deposit
  • Students who already have to pay a deposit to confirm acceptance to a professional program do not have to pay an additional Tuition Deposit. Examples of this program type include: Doctor of Medicine, Juris Doctor, Doctor of Dental Surgery, Dental Hygiene, Pharmacy, Medical Laboratory Science, and Radiation Therapy
  • Transition Year Program (TYP) students and third-party-funded students will be exempted from paying the Tuition Deposit
  • Continuing Undergraduate students
  • New and continuing Graduate students
  • New and continuing Extension students

Benefits to Students

  • Once the Tuition Deposit is paid and their enrollment date passes, students can register in their selected classes and create their desired timetable. By completing their class registration early, they can ensure they get their best timetable possible. Consequences of delaying payment of the Tuition Deposit:
    • Students may not get their desired timetable for their class schedule or their first-choice courses Registration fills quickly and classes are in high demand. Highly desired times and/or courses fill quickly.
    • Students will not be able to complete their course registration until payment is received and processed.
  • Students will be aware of class availability at the time that they choose to register; students do not have to wait for a cancellation process to run in August to see if space becomes available.

Benefits to Staff

  • Teaching departments will know the demand on their classes and can schedule them accordingly.
  • Faculties will know earlier and with greater certainty which of their newly admitted students are planning to attend the University.

Bear Tracks

  • A Financial Hold will be displayed in Bear Tracks if the Tuition Deposit is required and students have not made the payment.
    • The Tuition Deposit displays as a financial hold of $500 in Bear Tracks. However, students will see a message of “you have no outstanding fees at this time” or “ you do not have any outstanding charges to pay.” Students still need to submit a Tuition Deposit payment of $500 in order to become eligible to register in classes. In this instance, Bear Tracks indicates there are not any outstanding fees because the student is not registered in classes and tuition for those classes has not yet been calculated.
    • There may be a delay in removing the "Tuition Deposit Required" Financial Hold, depending on the time of day that the payment is processed.
  • If students have paid the Tuition Deposit, Bear Tracks will display that they have "No Holds." If their Enrollment Date has passed, they may begin registration in classes.
  • Bear Tracks tip sheets:


Please review our Frequently Asked Questions. If you have any further questions about the new Tuition Deposit process, please contact Student Connect.