What is a transcript?

A transcript is an official copy of a student's academic record. It records all courses successfully and unsuccessfully completed and all courses that were withdrawn after the registration deadline. University of Alberta transcripts record every year that you have attended, including both your undergraduate and graduate studies, as applicable. Requesting separate transcripts of your undergraduate and graduate careers is not possible.

You would use an Official Transcript if you need to provide evidence of your University of Alberta academic record to another educational institution, for employment or to apply for scholarships or bursaries.

An Unofficial Transcript (available to current students or former students who were in attendance in Fall 2002 or later and have retained Bear Tracks access), is helpful in planning your registration. It can also be saved to your computer as a PDF document and attached to applications for employment that you are submitting electronically. You can view and print an unofficial copy of your transcript from Bear Tracks.

Grades on the transcript for current terms are not official until approved by the Dean. Approved grades are usually available at the following times:

Student registered in Approved grades available in
Fall Term only
early February
Both Fall/Winter Terms
early June
Winter Term only
early June
Spring Term only
early July
Both Spring/Summer Terms
early September
Summer Term only
early September

When you submit an Official Transcript Request you may indicate whether you desire to have your transcripts issued immediately or after approval by the Dean. If you require Official Transcript with approved grades, they will not be issued until such time as all the grades are approved. You may also request your transcript be sent once your degree has been awarded. A degree will appear on your transcript once your Faculty has formally approved it.

Refer to the University Calendar for details on the content of transcripts.

Official statements of final grades in courses are also available to students electronically on Bear Tracks. See our Grade Results and Statements section for details. To view your final grades for a current term before your Statement of Results are available, use Bear Tracks. Alternatively, if you need a certificate of registration, you should refer to our Verification Documents section.