Grading Information for Students

Welcome to the grades section! Here you can find:

Viewing Grades in Bear Tracks

All students, including former students who were in attendance since Fall 2002, may view final grades on Bear Tracks. Grades for the current term are unofficial until approved by the Dean of the Faculty.

To view grades in Bear Tracks:

  1. Login
  2. Select 'Academics' from the main menu, then 'My Academics' and then 'Grades'.
  3. Select a term
  4. View the grade for each course you are/were enrolled in for the term

If you require a certificate of your current registration or grades for a specific term, please visit our Verification Documents section.

Do you require a copy of your transcript? Visit our Transcript section for information on how to access your unofficial transcript in Bear Tracks or order a copy of your official transcript.